Some comments from our customers (all originals available):

"The marshaling was EXCELLENT" S. R. Rathcoole, Co Dublin

"I felt on the way home [that] I had got a lot out of my system, [I] tended to take it a lot easier on the road on the way home." D. O'R. Milltown

"I certainly had a good time again, and there is no faulting the organization and marshaling!" A.R. Co Wicklow

"All I can say is that it was an excellent day!" B. & J. T. Dublin

"We have both been to a lot of track days in recent years and agree that this was probably the best organized of any we've seen." R.A. Belfast

"It was a perfect day out." J.McC. Lisburn

"Thank you...very much for yesterday's event. I/we really enjoyed it so much..." B.C. North Dublin

"Yes, I enjoyed that." A.S.T. Belfast

"Many thanks to you, Keith and the marshals for a fun and safe day." P.McL. Dublin

"Thanks Donal for a great day out on Sunday. We'll be there again." D McG., Wexford

"Just wanted to say I had an excellent day on Sunday, I was impressed at the high standard of organisation....I'll be back for more." C.G., Belfast

"Thank you for a very enjoyable day's sport on Sunday 17th Feb 2002 at Kirkistown." M. H., Belfast.

"Just a quick note to say thanks for a great day at Kirkistown.I felt the driving standards were excellent and had no mishaps or even near ones at any time." M.D., Enniscorthy.

"Was good fun...glad I was there." S.M., Belfast.

"I want to record my thanks for a brilliant day (clutches come and clutches go but memories are forever!). The participants were very courteous, the organisation was first class and special thanks to the marshalls for being on the ball the whole time." A. E., Bangor.

"Just a word to thank you and Keith for a great day at Kirkistown. I felt the day was not only enjoyable but very useful in learning about the car. . . and my driving!

Thanks also to Keith for his more-than-useful guidance - totally indispensable!!

I'll be looking forward to another visit to Kirkistown as soon as I can." J McA.

"...we were mighty impressed. Well organised, excellent drivers briefing (relaxed but firm), loads of track time and some interesting cars... " J. L., Belfast.

"It was a great day" R.D., Saintfield. 19-5-5.

"Just a quick note to say thanks a million for the recent track day at Kirkistown. Great fun all round and great atmosphere in the paddock, too. We'll definitely be back for more, and we might even bring a gang!!" L.N., Dublin. 23-5-5

"Enjoyed Saturday despite my lack of performance! Please let me know date of next event." D.C., Kildare. 8-8-5.

"Just a quick note to say thanks for a well organised track day last Saturday - great craic." M.M., Donacloney. 18-10-5.

"Just a quick note to say well done and thanks for yesterday. Great laugh and loads of laps." L.N., Dublin. 20-3-6

"Hi Donal,I just popped into my e mail account now to send you a very big thank you...As usual Dave and I had a brill day at Kirkistown, very well organised, great track manners from all drivers, friendly people in the pits and very smooth running of the whole event from your good self, Keith and all the marshalls..." M.D., Enniscorthy. 20-3-6.

"Hi Donal, Just a quick note to thank you for a great day (half day) on Sunday. Had a great time and look forward to attending again." M.H., Crossgar, 23-1-6.

"I was intending to send you a thank-you message for another great day. Can you please put my name down for the next day on the 30th ." D.L., Fermanagh. 24-3-6

"Thanks, had a great time and Keith's Hairpin advice definitely made me faster!" J. McC. Lisburn. 27-3-6.

"Had a great time at the last day in March. I'd like to book again for April 30th,..." J.D. Bangor. 10-4-6.

"Many thanks to yourselves for a fantastic day on your last event. Dad and myself were overly impressed with your setup and professionalism and we would like to reserve a place once again." P.H., Ardkeen. 15-4-6

"Just wanted to say thanks again for a great day on sunday. I would recomend one of your days to anybody." J. McC., Navan. 2-5-6.

"Just a quick note to thank yourself, Keith, the Marshals and First Aid personnel for a great day last Sunday." J.W., Ballinahinch. 4-5-6.

"I had a fantastic time at the last one..." P.D., Belfast. 4-5-6

"Had a great time." N. A. Malahide. 7-5-6

"Cheers for a sensational day out." P, G & S. Belfast. 29-10-6

"Thanks as ever. Great day." P.L., Dublin. 31-10-6

"Thanks for a great day on Sunday." D.C., Bangor. 31-10-6

"I had such a good time on Sunday, I will have to go again. Please book me in." M.R. 1-11-6

"Thanks for a great day last Sunday." G. Y. 1-11-6

"Thanks so much for Sunday. It was well run as usual." D.C. Naas. 1-11-6

"Thanks for a great year and I am sure I speak for all your regular customers that it has been second to none." R.D., Saintfield. 1-11-6

"That was the first Trackskills event that we were at and it is the best run event by far. Many thanks." S.L. 13-11-6

"Thanks to yourself and all concerned for another stickin out day!" P. K., Ballyclare. 26-11-6.

"Thanks for a great, well run day. Had lots of fun." S.R., Dublin. 19-3-7.

"Had a ball yesterday, thanks a million." R O'R. 19-3-7.

"Sensational day yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed mesel!" P.K. Ballyclare. 19-3-7

"Great weekend:-) The marshals were the real heros, staying out in that weather." N. W. 19-3-7

"What's this bout 3 ropes and an MX5???? Two eejits pushin got it back on track!! Who do I send my dry cleaning bill to??" P.K. 19-3-7

"A great day had by all of the Lotus Crew and followers. Thank you for that and if anyone says that a Lotus does not work on the snow, then they should seen Gavin Byrne (orange Lotus Exige) and myself (red and white Lotus Elise) on track on Sunday. A HUGE THANKS to Fel and her GLADIATORS without whom we could not have had the day. Some time in the future, I would like to bring these HEROS of motorsport round the track in our Lotus cars. I will leave the arranging of this up to you and Keith.

I hope to have more Lotus up with us on the next day.

Thank you" Peter Geraghty, Linders Lotus. 20-3-7

"Cheers for a good day on Sunday. Was brill fun. See you at the next one." J.S. 21-3-7

"Had a great day yesterday, thanks to all at Kirkistown." N.S., Dublin. 30-4-7.

"Many thanks for another great day out!" P.K. Ballyclare 30-4-7

"On behalf of myself and Paul, just wanted to say thankyou for a fantastically well organised day. Best track day we have been to so far, also could you say thanks to the guy in the BM who took the time to give us a couple of sighting laps of the track showing the braking points and the lines through the corners, much appreciated and very helpful." P.D. & P.K. 30-4-7

"Just a quick thanks for Sunday, fantastic day out." J.D. Bangor, 1-5-7

"Had a great day today, thanks." R. O'R. 3-6-7

"Just wanted to thank you for yesterday and for coming out on track with me! I had a great time and would be confident to drive in the wet again." K.F. 4-6-7

" Despite the weather, had a cracking day on the track yesterday, really had to think about where to place the car through the interesting bits of standing water, instead of the same old racing lines. Oh, and the marshalls all deserved medals for staying out." J. D. 4-6-7

"Must thank you for the track day at the start of June, a lot of enjoyment." M.R. 7-6-7

"As usual, had a great time at the last one, even if I had to work on my wet weather driving a bit. Cheers." J. McC. 13-6-7

"Thanks for great track session last night, very useful and fun!" D. I. 27-6-7

" Having enjoyed my first track day with you in June, despite the weather, I would like to enroll for Sept." C.R. 8-7-7

"Many thanks for a great day out to you all:-))" P.K. 4-8-7

"Had a great day Saturday. Thanks a lot." R O'R. 5-8-7

"Had another great day on Saturday." J. D. Bangor. 6-8-7

"Just to say thanks for a sensational day!! The craic was mighty as usual" P.K. 30-9-7

"thanks for a great time on Sunday. The big RS4 is a heap on corners but entertaining none the less. I look forward to the next meeting." E. S. Castlewellan. 1-10-7

"Had a great day yesterday, thanks a million." R O'R. 1-10-7

"Thanks again to all for another cracking day's fun." C.R. 1-10-7

"Yesterday was good thanks. Enjoyed it and hoping to join the next one." C.T. 1-10-7

"Just a quick note of thanks for the event on Sunday last. Notwithstanding the vagaries of the weather, the day was well organised - and I got enough track time in the little Elise to make me smile from ear to ear." A.K. 2-10-7

"Had a very good day on Sunday - thank you very much." M.P. 4-10-7

"Many thanks for a great day out on behalf of myself and the rest of the crew." P.K. 22-10-7

"Thanks for such a great day on Sunday! My opinion and shared by anyone there on the day, was that it was the best organised any of us had been on, particularly appreciating the sighting run we had!" B.H. 22-10-7

"Thanks for a great day on Sunday:)" E.S., Castlewellan. 24-10-7

"Thanks to all the Trackskills team for the last two track days. My guests and I really enjoyed both days. It is very professionally run. Hope to see you for the last track day. Thanks again." R.H., R.S.I., 26-10-7

"...thanks for a super year (had to be the best run of all the clubs)." A & R D. 25-11-7

"Had a great day 25th november, cold but dry, first run out in the Westfield, lots of fun." D.J. Kells. 3-12-7

"Just a quick note of thanks for another good day's outing...I did manage to get a run round with Keith in the Elise...I probably learned more in those half dozen laps than I would have in a dozen days on my own. A.K., Dublin. 18-2-8

"I really enjoyed the whole event in every respect. All the people there were very friendly and helpfull, including you guys at Trackskills." D.F., Belfast. 18-2-8

"Thanks for a great day on Sunday, 44 laps and lots of entertainment :) The new restaurant is a great idea...Hope it paid off and becomes a feature." E.S. Newcastle. 18-3-8

"I had a great day and everyone made us feel so welcome. Once again, thanks to everyone." S. M., Scotland. 14-4-8

"Another fine day at Trackskills!" E.S., Newcastle. 28-4-8

"Fantastic day, craic was mighty! Davy wished me to extend his thanks for letting him use the V box to gather some data...Couldn't believe I was managing 2g cornering at times and 1.9g under braking!" P.K., Straid. 28-4-8

"Donal and Team, thanks for a cracker day yesterday. Good to see you can provide the weather on demand." J.M. Belfast. 28-4-8

"Had a great days crack yesterday." P.F., Belfast. 28-4-8

"Thanks for a great day on Sunday. Had a great time as usual." R. O'R., Dublin. 29-4-8

"Thanks again for yesterday, it was a brilliant day!" K. F., Carrickfergus. 2-6-8

"Thanks for another great day out on Sunday." P.K., Straid. 3-6-8

"Thanks for a great day on Sunday." R. O'R., Dublin. 5-6-8

"Thanks again for yesterday. Superb day out and a beauitful sunburn to go with it." R.R., Belfast. 28-7-8.

"Cheers for a great day yesterday Donal." P.K., Straid. 28-7-8

"Enjoyed last outing, am looking to book another track day." W McC. Markethill. 11-8-8

"Great day on Sunday. Cheers!" P.McK. Belfast. 26-8-8

"Had a good day on the 24th." M McE, Belfast. 28-8-8

"I'd a fantastic day at your last track day. They are well run and marshalled. Please add me to your mailing list and put my name down for the next track day." D McG. Belfast. 29-10-8

"Thanks again for a great day out as usual, mate." P. K. Straid. 1-11-8

"Kirky is a super track and your track days popularity is because of how well they are organised and managed. A big thumbs up here." M.T., Dublin. 19-11-8

"Myself and the guys had a great time last Sunday." R. K., Dublin. 26-11-8

"Last weekend was a riot in the wet!" P McK. Bangor. 27-11-8

"Thankyou Donal for all the effort you put in on 2008. Have a happy Christmas and New year." J.M., Randalstown. 16-12-8

"Totally enjoyed the Lotus Day - great setup you have there. G.L., Dublin. 18-12-8

"Had a brilliant day today and think I'm going to do the same in March...Cheers again for the excellent day." D.M. 1-2-9

"Firstly, a word of thanks for today. I had monsterous fun and was very sorry I had to leave before the end of the day. Please put my S4 down for the next day." D.F., Bangor. 2-2-9

"Great day yesterday. Cheers!" P McK., Bangor. 2-2-9

"Many thanks for a great day yesterday." N. McG. 2-2-9

"Thanks again for Sunday. RMS will continue to support the Trackskills events throughout 2009." A.C., RMS. 4-2-9

"Thanks for a great day on Sunday!" K.F., Carrickfergus. 4-2-9

"I enjoyed Sunday. Can you please book me in for 15th March?" D. McI. 4-2-9

"Great day on 1st Feb, many thanks. Could you book me in for 15th March?" G.L., Kildare. 4-2-9

"Had a superb today in the 306 Rallye, very well ran day and well worth the slightly increased entry fee! Can you please put me on the list for the next day on 15th April?" R. G., 15-3-9.

"Thanks for another great day at Kirkistown today!!!! Can you book me up for the rest of the year please?" D. W., Cloughy, 15-3-9

"I am the luckiest man in the world!

Was sure the car would be a mess when it hit the tyres. But an hour with the power hose and T-Cut and it is actually not bad at all. Just one or two scuff marks left. Will have a look again in daylight tomorrow, but will sleep well now.

Fantastic day otherwise, car went really well. With some decent tyres and once Mr Bishop does his magic with the steering and suspension, it will be very nice indeed :-)

Was a bit stunned after the hit but it was right to go out again straight away for a good long final session.

Cheers" N.W., belfast, 15-3-9

"Hi Donal, great day yesterday, cheers. Can you pop me down for April please?" P. McK., Belfast. 16-3-9

"It was a great day weather wise yesterday! Didn't get much time to appreciate it!

Can you book me in for the next one please?" M.S., Belfast. 16-3-9

"Hi Guys,

Just wanted to say hi and thanks for a great day yesterday. Really enjoyed it. Please put me down for April 26th" N.H. 16-3-9

"I was out at Kirkistown yesterday and had a great day thanks." G.D., Templepatrick. 16-3-9

"It was a good day yesterday", D. McI. 16-3-9

"Thanks for a super well organised day, put me down for 2 cars for the next available track day. Many thanks" D.G., 16-3-9


How spectacularly do you have to leave the track to merit a mention on the Track Report? ...

Seriously though, another excellent day. It was great to have some warmer weather to get out and wander the paddock to chat with the other guys...

Can you book me in for each of the dates for the rest of the year... " D.F., 17-3-9

"A very big thank you to you and everyone at Trackskills for a fantastic day! The support and advice was much appreciated ( and needed!), the event was superbly organized and the marshals did a fantastic job on the track.

Once again, many thanks for making my first track day so enjoyable, now counting the seconds to the next one!" M. R., 17-3-9

"Had a super day on Sunday! Thank you", T.L., 17-3-9

"Had a great trackday on Sunday just passed." S.P., 17-3-9

"Sunday was V good. Had a great day. Thanks again." D.F., Belfast. 20-3-9

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Sunday past - It was a superb day on all counts and I can't wait to get up again, hopefully with bigger brakes on the M3!" S. M., 1-6-9

"A great day out, many thanks to you, Keith and the team." N.A., Dublin. 1-6-9

"Thanks for such a good day on Sunday. Had a great time." J. D., 1-6-9

"Had a great day on Sunday thanks very much!" N McK., 2-6-9

"Great day out, even without brakes! ...All fixed now (I think)...Thanks again for a great day." N.H., 2-6-9

"Great day last Sunday and more than good enough to make me want to book the next one on the 21st!" R.T., Dublin, 2-6-9

"I was at your track day on the 26th April in the Alfa GTV (funny colour). Brilliant day!!" L. W., 11-6-9

"Thanks again for organising yesterday, it was a great day - I'm glad I didn't chicken out because of the weather." K.F., 22-6-9

"Hi Donal, great fun yesterday as usual." P. McK. Bangor. 27-7-9

"I really enjoyed my first track day and despite thinking it would be very intimidating with more experienced drivers, that was not the case. Everyone was sound!

Also, thanks to Greer who sat in with me for a session, dead on fella who was very patient and I noticed a real difference after his instruction." J.G., 27-7-9


Many thanks for taking us round the circuit yesterday. The boys (and myself) thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon." P.L., 24-8-9

"Hi Donal,

Had a great day yesterday and I would like to echo the comments about the TS days being very professionally run..." P.G., Limavady. 21-9-9

"Morning Donal,

I just wanted to pass on a great big thanks to all the folks at Trackskillsand all the other people that were there for a fantastic day out, can't wait for the next one." S.P., Infinity and beyond! 5-10-9


I thoroughly enjoyed my first track day ever when I was there on 20th Sept with my son Peter. He is still talking proudly aboutthe spin in the "safety car". Many thanks for the great day." P.C., Sligo. 27-10-9

"Hi Donal,

Thanks for the support yesterday to get a few interested parties out for a couple of laps in the sevens - gesture very much appreciated..." M.C., 16-11-9

"Good evening Donal,

Thank you for an excellent trackday on Sunday. This was my first in regards to participation and I was somewhat apprehensive. However, the way it was organised I felt allowed me to get round at my own pace, learning and improving as i got more laps completed...Excellent..." R. K., 16-11-9

"Thank you all for a smashin day on Sunday, craic was mighty :-))" P.K., Straid. 17-11-9


We were at a trackday with you on the 14th March and we had a great time...The Cosworth lap was great." G.B. 17-3-10

"Hi Donal,

Just to say thanks again for the last Trackskills day and for showing me how it's done! I went to a TVR track day last Monday and Debtors has gone from 80(!)mph to 99mph so I think I am going in the right direction, if you will pardon the pun.

Thanks again for a very friendly, professional and fun intro to track days and best regards to all." P.R., 6-6-10

"Hi Donal,

Just a short note to say thanks for a great day! The event was well organised and the marshals were excellent. Already looking forward to booking the next one.


L.W. Belfast, 28-7-10

"Hi Donal,

...The boys really enjoyed the last day we had with you all in Kirkistown. Many thanks. " A & W, Limavady. 8-9-10

"Hi Donal/Keith

A big Thank-you from the staff and students at BMC that attended the fantastic Project Evolution track day on Wednesday. It says a lot for your skill and instruction that a group of young inexperienced drivers can take part in a track day with no incidents. A great day, and we will be back for the next one." Steven McKeegan, Automotive Lecturer, BMC (Castlereagh Campus) 11-6-10

Chris Hatton

"Sun May 20th was a fantastic day with a huge turnout. Many thanks to Donal and the team for such a great day and as ever their organisation and marshalling is outstanding. chris black mx5" Facebook. 21-5-12.

"Thanks for a great day once again Donal..." K M. 20-8-12

"Hi Donal,

Just a wee message to thank you all for yesterday and letting me and the Mighty Dutton out and for all the advice and support I received...Thanks again for a cracking day and hopefully see you all soon" N.T., Belfast. 15-10-12

"Many thanks for hosting a most memorable enjoyable day, looking forward to getting there next year." W.P. , 16-10-12.


"Hi Donal

Last weekend was great, thanks for the track time:-)" A.M., 17-11-12


Many thanks for Kirkistown track dates. I'll be down as often as possible.

Have a look at our web site ( We are doing the GT Cup series as well as some FOC, Britcar and Tropheo Pirelli this year. Next year we are getting a GT3 car for the British GT Championship. Phil Andrews and Charlie Hollings are our pro-drivers.

All started with you Mate, down at Kirkistown."

S.J. 15-1-13.

"Hi Donal,

Just want to say thanks for accommodating me today. It's a great setup you have and I hope to be back at some stage."

D.M. 23-3-14


Just a quick note to acknowledge all your hard work which resulted in a really enjoyable day yesterday.

It was my first track day and I was made feel very comfortable and safe from the outset.

I will be back again soon!! As soon as I can get new tyres and brakes on the vx220!!


J McD. 24-3-14

"Fantastic Track Day on Sunday !! Well organised and run so here's to Roxy coming back soon !!" N. McN. Groomsport. 19-8-14 on FaceBook.

"Thanks very much for today really enjoyed it." E.C. 14-9-14

"enjoyed the day it was fantastic the guys in the honda prelude where great even took us out for a spin thanks guys great day was had by all." W.H. 15-9-14 on Facebook.

"Hi Donal, I'd just like to say thanks for all the help today. Can't wait to come back with a van load of pads this time. I've got the bug now and hopefully a few of my mates might be bringing a few cars." J.B. 5-10-14


Just wanted to say thanks to you and the rest of the team for organising and running some great trackdays over the past year, can't believe how great the weather the weather has turned out for every day I made it there.

Hope to see a return in Feb/March when you're back up and running.

Thanks" M.D. 10-11-14

"Hi Donal,

It was great fun last time and I had a great instruction session.

Can you book me in 21h of June as well please? Thanks,"  J.T., 1-6-15

"Hi Lads,

Thanks for a great day, please book me in for [the next one]." T.G., Dublin. 17-8-15


"Hi Folks
I had such a great time on Sunday. The weather was fantastic and everyone was so friendly. I'd like to book for the next event..." J.W. 18-8-15


"Thanks for another good day." Mazdabitz, Newtownards. 13-3-16.


"Thank yous very much for a very enjoyable day Donal it's was good crack will be back thanks again." B.McI. 17-4-16


"Hi Donal, 

Just wanted to say thanks again for yesterday. Had a really enjoyable day and that’s down to you guys. Everyone involved was very welcoming and accommodating.

Thanks and see you again soon. 

Darren "  4th Feb 2018.

"Thanks again to you and your team for today, I really enjoyed it. Thanks especially for your advice during the day, I really appreciated your comments. See you next meeting." E.F. 11-3-18

"Hi Donal,

Just a note to say I enjoyed yesterday and was impressed by how you guys ran the day, thanks."  M.D. 7-5-18

"Thanks a million for Today!  Had a Gr8 Day in wee Mazda MX5 Road car we just bought last week & drove there & home today (Until we lost All Brakes out in Last Session 😮 )!"  M. D, 8-7-18
Good evening

Just returned from a great experience doing the trackskills day at kirkistown to find my magnetic number 43 still attached. My apologies - is there an address i can post it to or if in a rush somewhere i can drop it into?

Thanks to all the fantastic people involved in making the day happen and run so well.


Ian   4-11-18

"Thank you all very much for running the Track Days, I really appreciate all the work you and the team put into it to make it all run so well."  Eric 4-11-18

"Hi Donal,


Thanks to you and your team for another enjoyable well organised event on Sunday!




Mike D. 6-11-18


"Hi Donal. Thoroughly enjoyed putting my focus through its paces today at Kirkistown. Great folk about and a very relaxed atmosphere. I will be back again most of the events this year." D.G. 3-2-19


"Thanks for a great day at Kirkiston today. So few cars, not so good for you though. We did 140 miles on the track today! 😀 Thanks for all you do." J & S H. 3-2-19


Thanks for today. It was amazing fun!  Adam Smyth 10-3-19


"Hi Donal
Just to thank you and all the track skills team for a great day and the sun burn 
Pete Murray

"Hi Donal,

Had a great day at the track day and looking forward to the next one."

J.P. 7-7-19


"Thank you for a great day, have you got the dates for next year as yet please."

S. C. 

Betchworth   14-10-19



Congratulations on a really well run event today. Must say we had a great day today. Please pass on my thanks to all involved in running the event today 


Richard O'Mahony"  3-11-19


"Dear Donal,

many thanks for your organisation and hospitality yesterday, I had a great day out and will aim to return during the year."

Klaus Martin 3-2-2020

"Thanks for well run and very good day see you at the next one!!" S.L. 15-6-2020
Hello Donal,

Thanks for running it. Was a great day out. Much needed after the last few months. 


Steven"  Steven Robb, 15-6-2020
"Really enjoyed it, plenty of track time. Looking forward to the next one!"  J.P. 15-6-2020
Event was excellent and very much appreciated and enjoyed.


Looking forward tote next one."  B. McI. 15-6-2020

"Hi Donal


It was an excellent day, weather, standards etc – thanks for having me and it really is appreciated.

Had a great day and from talking to other folk about they said it was one of the slickest run days yet, maybe an opportunity to run a regulars only day for a few events a year?"
Andy Cooper 15-6-2020
"Hi Donal,

Thank you for making yesterday a great success !!

Much appreciated 

Michael "
Michael Magee 15-6-2020
"Hi Donal,


Both of us thought yesterday was first class, regardless of the weather and new car working well! 


The open pit from the start and all runners having been out before created a nice relaxed atmosphere on and off the track - it didn’t matter whether it was a Fiesta or Ginetta, decent etiquette was obvious when on track.


All the relevant measures seemed to be understood, accepted and work well.  We felt entirely comfortable throughout the paddock.


Let’s hope you’ve opened the floodgates 😊.   Best wishes for the rest of season!


S.Y. 15-6-2020

"Great day Donal,
What date is the next one?"
P.H. 15-6-2020


"Really enjoyed it Donal.  Thanks to all your team. Raymond"  R.G. 15-6-2020
Thanks Donal


Great day was had, weather, turnout and no major excursions - everything seemed to click.


I just need to put the Maser on a diet and upgrade the brakes/tyres and I should have a good track car.

There is always going to be moaners but nobody could fault yesterdays track day- you would have more chance of catching COVID-19 shopping!! As always you and the team did a great job of herding cats which is no easy task.


Thanks again- every success for the rest of the season and beyond.


Terry"  T. O'N. 15-6-2020

It should be all of us thanking you and everybody that made yesterday happen.  It was a really fantastic day and I believe the vast majority adhered to the very simple rules.  I have to admit to failing to adhere to the 2M rule on more than one occasion on track!!!!  I don't think the powers to be could find anything to gripe about so hopefully motorsport will be back up running shortly.  Again Donal a sincere thanks from Richie and I. "

R O'M Snr. 15-6-2020

"Thank you and all the rest of your team Donal. We both agreed that was one of the best days we've had there, great cars and good people.

Hope you get a chance to run more soon!!

John Lyttle, 16-6-2020

"Thanks again Donal and all the team for a great day out look forward to the next one 👍"

J.W. 16-6-2020


"Credit to the Trackskills Team for the effort to put the right measures in place to run the trackday! 

I'm sure everyone there was grateful for some track time with the current situation, myself included!

S.P. 16-6-2020
"Really enjoyed it and the weather made it too. 


D McI. 16-6-2020


A massive thanks for all your efforts at getting the petrol heads out in their cars again, and for your organisation of a fantastic event last Sunday. Catherine and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

It was lovely to get a catch up and see you looking so well.

Please pass my thanks to Keith and Greer.

I look forward to seeing you again some time soon.

D.H. 3-5-2021

"Hello Donal - Just a quick note from the Sligo lads to say thanks for a really well run, fun and relaxed trackday yesterday in the sunshine.  The Kirkistown vibe is brilliant and a credit to the way ye run things.

We will be back !


D.E. 12-6-23


"Hi Donal,

Great day yesterday, very well run and relaxed as usual. Great fun had by all!

Many thanks,
Alan"  14-8-23