The following links are some sites that you may find useful.

Weather Forecast for Kirkistown Circuit.

Forecasting the weather anywhere is notoriously difficult. It is even more so for Kirkistown because the track and immediate surrounding area seems to have its own weather system.

On a positive note, we do seem to get more than our fair share of dry days at the circuit, even when it is pouring down at Kircubbin or Portaferry.

We have found the following stie to be as accurate as we can reasonably expect and suggest that you use it as a guideline.

Track Day Insurance.

Need to Insure These are the people that we at Trackskills recommend. Please call them on 01623 720081 and tell them we sent you.



Free online manuals for hundreds of cars!


Railway Motorsport

Hire a race prepared BMW for a track day or race. Full support given by people who live and breathe racing BMWs!

Their address is

Torque Tronix

Top re-mapping specialists for cars, bikes and commercials. Full dyno facilities for cars/vans and bikes.

Their address is

The Irish Scooby Drivers/Owners Club

These are an enthusiastic bunch who are actively seeking to improve the Scooby driver's lot in Ireland, North and South.

Their address is

The MX5 Club

Another enthusiastic club of eclectic MX5 owners.

Find the main club at and follow links to the local groupings.

The Performance Metro Club

The Performance Metro Club for Rover Metro/100 owners can be found at and their Northern Ireland interests can be accessed at

For motorcycle track days at Kirkistown

The ONLY man to contact is Matt Lyness. Their website is:

Really Mean Sounds

Northern Irelandís largest online modified car community with over 2500 members, an online message board, photo gallery and coverage of all major motoring events in Ireland.

Find it at:

Irish Performance Cars

A new site created by Barry Rabbitt whose vision is, " Irish Performance Cars is a website dedicated to those of us who enjoy real drivers cars. Our aim is to unite performance car enthusiasts from all over Ireland into one on-line community."

Mad About MX5S

MX5 import specialists here in Northern Ireland.

Buy & sell race & rally cars, karts, track day cars, classic & historic cars; trailers, motorhomes, awnings, transports, paddock & support vehicles; motorsport parts, tools & equipment for sale, memorabilia;race & rally tuition, teams, drives & co-drivers, motorsport services; jobs, businesses, premises and sponsorship, and so much more... - Race cars, Rally cars, Karts and equipment for sale

Nirvana Beauty & Day Spa

The ultimate way to recharge your body's battery. Treatments for both males and females.