SPA 2012

Donal got a surprise, short notice, call up from the new owners of the 109 car to go to Spa for, what is now called, the Be Trophy 3000Km Fun Cup race.

The car, which is now sponsored by The Insurance Store, has had a lot of refurbishment at the behest of John Coyle, who now owns it. Included in this is a new sequential gearbox.

There was some debate up to a month before the date as to whether the race was going to run. As a result of this only 79 cars were entered as opposed to 170 odd in previous years. Even with this reduction, the start was impressive.


We were running well until, around six hours in, a component in the suspension snapped, putting John into the Armco. We lost over three hours with recovery and repairs.

At the end of 24 hours we had covered 315 laps and were in 55th place. We were the 18th petrol engined car home. Over half the field were diesel engined cars, which are considerably quicker. The diesels filled the first 9 places. Amazingly, after 24 hours the winning margin by the #264 Delahaye/Retrodor car over the 2nd placed #56 ASH/PVI car was only 1.809 seconds!




The Trackskills Dynamic Duo of Keith and Donal were off to Spa again in July 06 for the 25 hour VW Fun Challenge.

This is the car that we drove. There were three other drivers, Massimo (crazy Italian Stig look-a-like), Tim and Denis. This year the joint owner of Team Whirlybirds, Paul Dobbing took a managerial role rather than driving.

Last year the car got tagged after 90 minutes and was brought back to the pits on a low loader with all four corners hanging off and front chasis damage. Ten and a half hours later it rolled out again and went on to finish the race!

This year we qualified 66th out of 155 and were up to 42nd at our first stop. Then the gremlins got us again. Three hours and a new head gasket later we returned to the track in 124th place. From then on our realistic target was 100th. We beat it by four and finished 96th. For a race review and photos have a look at the Team Whirlybirds site.

Looking forward to next year!

If anyone would like any further information or would like to help, please contact Donal on 0044 28 90825235.