How To Get The Most Out Of Your Track Day.

Having been running track days for umteen years now, we have seen many recurring problems that have curtailed the enjoyment of participants. The following list is by no means exhaustive and also covers the topic of insurance. It contains some useful hints on what to consider before heading to the track.

1. Carry a spare set of brake pads. It doesn't matter if you have just fitted a new set of super fandango multi-coloured stuff pads. Have another set in your boot.

2. Check all your fluid levels before you start and keep an eye on them throughout the day. Use only top quality brake fluid.

3. Monitor your tyre wear, especially your front left. If necessary, switch wheels during the day. If using your regular road tyres, pump them up by 10% to stiffen the walls.

4. Carry a spare set of brake pads. (See 1.)

5. If you are transporting your car on a trailer, make sure that all electrics are well insulated from the rain. We have seen cars that, having driven onto trailers at the outset, refused to start upon arrival, for that very reason.

6. In 99% of cases your normal insurance ceases as you come through the gate. Some people have benefited from having track insurance. NeedIoInsure in England are a good source for this. Their telephone number is 01623 720081. Make sure you tell them that Trackskills have sent you and that Kirkistown is an MSA licensed circuit.

7. Did we mention that you should carry a spare set of brake pads?

8. Clear out any loose objects inside your car. Those include lunches, bottles of water, books, phones, cameras, tools and your spare brake pads. The last thing you want is something finding its way beneath your brake pedal as you approach the hairpin. We are not fans of passengers holding cameras, for that same reason.

9. If you haven't already done so, buy a helmet. You don't have to break the bank but use common sense.

10. If your car requires 4* fuel, be aware that the new station on the right, exiting Kirkubbin, now stocks 97 octane.

11. Even if you are a regular attendee, please get there in time for the drivers' briefing. You may have heard most of it before but there is usually some small nugget of new information.

12. Please wear long sleeves, even if only a shirt. This is to provide some protection from flying glass, in the event of a side impact. It is amazing how a little piece of light fabric can stop a small shard of glass from penetrating the skin.

13. Be aware of the sunburn risk at Kirkistown. There is always a cooling wind and it is extremely easy to get burnt without realizing.

14. Lastly, carry a spare set of brake pads!