Tit Bits

The following are some points worth mentioning regarding track days at Kirkistown. The information is based on observations from the last seven years.

(a) Most cars that fail to complete at least four runs do so because of one of the following; worn out brake pads and/or discs, scrubbed tyre (usually near side front) or tyres, dodgy clutch. We strongly suggest that you uprate your brake pads and fluid before coming to the circuit.

(b) Kirkistown Circuit is on a rather thin peninsula. It is almost always windy. More often than not, when the rest of the country is getting rained upon, the clouds have been blown over at the circuit and we are enjoying dry weather.

Consequently, it is not wise to expect the same weather at the track as you are getting at your place of departure. If you wish, you can phone us on 07774419558 and we will tell you what the weather is like with us.

(c) Debtor's is NOT flat first or even second time out. Work your tyres, suspension and yourself up to speed before going through it anywhere near flat.

However, sometimes things just don't go as planned! These guys didn't quite reach Debtor's.

Alan Lappin goes over the top of Colin Millar at the start of the Sports Car race at kirkistown.

Pictures by Billy Patterson.

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Glowing Rotors at Kirkistown on 14th November 2010.